The Story

There was a time in the world were on dofus there were only monsters but then came the warriors they traveled between servers and became known as the warriors of dofus to remember them forever a guild was created on all servers

Dofus Warriors

on every server there is a dofus warriors guild the main 2 are oto muestam and shika but the first and best one is on shika.


On any server cantact someone with arsalan in there name such as:

Arsalan Arsalan warrior Arsalan archer Arsalans summoner Arsalans wizard

ther are more i am sure u get the idea

to become a member u have to pay 1kk to make the guild prosper also

varying with servers if

eg: guild level is 5=u have to be 10+

so double guild level also the payment is your level with 2 000 on the end so 21=21000kama


So join now and become who u were destined to be