Last updated by KCHANG on December 23 2007
Divine Force
Leader: KCHANG
Guild Level: 14
Members: 38 out of 137
Alliance: No Alliance (Nothing)
Alignment: Mixed Alignment
Server: Rosal

About the GuildEdit

  • Creation - November 14, 2007 by KCHANG
  • Language - English
  • Goal - To just have fun, enjoy Dofus and have events.
  • No Tolerance - The only thing not tolerated is disrespect to other guild members. If there is a problem, PM KCHANG and he'll access the situation accordingly.

How to JoinEdit

  • Must be level 45 or higher
  • Would be good to be p2p
  • Send a Whisper to Kchang asking to join, and as long as you fit the requirements you're in!


Leader: The highest rank in the guild. There may be only one leader. The leader determines the rights and ranks of all the other guild members.

Second In Command: Unavailable for now,since we're new and i can't trust anyone xD.

Treasurer ((40k+ xp)): Highest rank achievable by members.Has the most rights of all ranks.

Protector ((25k-40k xp)): A fairly high rank. These members will have same rights with treasurers except for paddock use.

Reservist ((15k-25k xp)): A moderate rank. Members of this rank have few guild rights such as place a collector and manage xp distribution.

Secretary ((5k-15k xp)): A quite low rank.Can only invite others and place a collector.

Apprentice ((1k-5k xp)): A low rank. Quite new members to the guild,can only invite new members.

On Trial: The lowest rank. Members of this rank are usually new to the guild. They have no rights and must prove themselves worthy of remaining in the guild.