More information about the Rushu guild, Dirty Ring of Funk to be added. Please standby.


Dirty Ring of Funk (DROF) is a guild created in October 2006. Our main goal is to have fun while helping our fellow guild members improve and make the most of their time playing Dofus.

DROF is a tight knit group and although is a relatively small group at the moment, we hope to expand and become a powerful and influential guild in the Dofus community.

Since the guild is a recent addition to the community, we have little structure at the moment.


Our main criteria is that you be mature, helpful and have a sense of humor. You will not be promoted on your first day and begging for guild rights and promotions is a sure sign that you are not mature.

International members are welcome, however, we are mainly English speaking and it would be important that you speak English as well. The majority of our guild members are from various parts of the United States. We do have a few international members (mainly Australia).

Although we like to have fun and are very carefree, we won't tolerate any kind of improper use of guild chat, ie. extreme profanity, spamming, etc.

We reserve the right to remove people from the guild who do not seem to fit in with the general vibe of DROF. Such action is left up to the leader and officers of the guild.

To join the guild please contact guild leader Markku. We will set up some time to talk and train with you to see if you will fit well into DROF.