Introduction Edit

Diplomatic Immunity was originaly founded by Strider-Belgium, because he was unsatisfied with the way other guilds were run. He wanted to let the members enjoy more freedom than was usual. But above everything else, Strider liked to have one of those shiny shields of his own design next to his name.

Rules Edit

  1. For the recruitment of new meat for the grinder we aim at levels in their twenties. Exeptions are made for friends of current members.
  2. We like to help each other out, but it should be a two-way street.
  3. You can take items from the chest of the guild-house, but don't be shy to contribute something to our ever-growing pool of resources.

Ranks Edit

If you follow the previous short set of rules, you will get noticed. Ranks are given on achievement, not on level. Players who can combine a reasonable active playstyle with a lack of- as they say in old speak- jackassnus, will see themselves quickly rise in the ranks of Diplomatic Immunity. For example, if one manges to control him -or herself to not steal candy from an Iop for an entire week, that player has succeeded the trial and will join the reserve.

As a rule of thumb, everyone gets the right to place and collect a perceptor as the right to fit out and use the paddocks. All members can also invite other members.

Trivia Edit

The name comes from Leathal Weapon 2, in which the South-African baddie (mistakenly believed by Strider-Belgium to be German) utters the words "Diplomatic Immunity" during a fight. Danny Glover responds with a "It has just been revoked".