History and General Information Edit

Founded: October 17, 2007

Founder: Mykan

Language: English

Welcome Edit

Diamonds in the Rough is a guild recruiting all types of people. We seek players who are active, loyal, respect each other, have a sense of humor and are mature in attitude. As a guild we work together to assist each other so we can all improve our characters.

For more information about us you can go to our forum page

General Edit

Rules Edit

  • XP Contribution is a minimum of 2% level 199's are allowed to donate 0%.
  • Respect other players.
  • Excessive bad language is not acceptable.
  • Excessive SMS chat is not acceptable. Common abbreviations are fine, like LOL. Members like to be able to understand each other, we don't want to guess.
  • As a guild we are happy to help our fellow members. This help is a privilege, not a right, so don't abuse it.
  • As we are an english speaking guild being able to communicate in that language is needed.
  • Enjoy the game!