Diamonds United is an awesome guild that was created on the 5/1/12, Australian. It is on Zatoishwan and was founded by Bailey-Summon with help from Najoyjoy. The guild is fun and active with regular dungeon runs which helps its members level up. The guild has some rules,

1 Your xp contribution must always be %10, unless you consult the leader, or a second in command

2 There is no racism, violence or swearing in the guild, if you do anything forbidden you will get a strike, 3 strikes and you lose your rank, 5 strikes and you are kicked

3 Have fun and respect other members

4 Don't collect from other people's percepters unless you ask

5 Ask the paddock owner to use, same goes with the houses.

6 Remember, to always think about the guild and suggest it to others :D