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Introduction Edit

Ok well I'm the new leader of the guild Diablo's Fury my name is CooksProtecter but people call me cook, I received this guild from my good, good friend Earthforce or Earth. I appreciate him giving me the responsibility of continuing the growth of the guild.

Requirements Edit

Well im pretty lineage atm because I'm a nice guy, but I would like to have lvl 30+ to join, if you have an alt that would like to join im fine with that, The rules are: exp given to guild is maximum of 5% atm, lowest is 3% atm, DON'T be mean or disrespectful or I WILL ban you, and you WON'T be able to rejoin, defend the percs at all costs, that is all that I have for rules/requirements.

Rights/Ranks Edit

Ranks are based on level/ability. Don't ask to be a higher rank,Rights are given out by the amount of trust I have for you, don't ask to get more.

guild-     level- 17 
leader-    earthsforce
rank's-    45 plus officer
           40-45 keeper
           35 to 40- keeper
           manafuter- max-5
           27 to 30- defenders
           25 to 27 to 30 servent

Contacts Edit

If you wanan join PM CooksProtecter, Cookville-Six, CooksKitty,If none of them reply to you then try a later time ^^

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