People in the guild Edit

We are all very friendly people. Always in for a dungeon or a hunt. The higher levels have no problem with taking the lowers with them.The guild is being led by players which are trustable.

Joining Destiny Awaits Edit

If you see a member DA running around the world just ask him/her to join and you will be forwarded to someone with invite rights online at the moment.

You must be level 170 and speak decent English.

We got many high level players on guild willing to help, but remember that begging is not acceptable.

We got a (secret) Facebook page we use to communicate outside Dofus. We'll invite you when you join us.

More Info Edit

  • We have 6 paddocks (7 to 10 slots) and 9 houses (from small to enormous and good locations in Bonta, Brakmar, Frigost, Otomai... ).
  • Our average level is over 193. With a fast and growing guild community.

Check our Dofus Guild Page for all the stats on DA and the list of members!

Ranking System and XP Donation Edit

Everyone gives 3% experience to guild. Exceptions are made for higher levels. 190-199’s can give 1%. Level 200’s are recommended to give 90% in order to help the guild grow.

Each 10kk XP given to guild you get new a rank, till 50kk XP. From then on, you gain a new rank after each 50kk XP given to guild.

Good to know Edit

We place a lot of perceptors to show we're active and of course to gather resources. We curently have a rule of 2 perceptor per player max.

News Edit

Some Old Pictures Edit

Picture guild

We have some strong people we even kill 199 panda's xD

Destiny Awaits Pic1

Guild hunting some hairs of kitsou nae

Destiny Awaits Pic3

Guild doing minotoror soul

Destiny Awaits Pic2

Guild members

Destiny Awaits Pic4

Guild at Ghosts


Our first lvl 200 : Achaf