We're a level 10 guild called "Deliverers of Death". Yes, I know the guild level is low, and our name is, well, awesome. (: I'm the leader, so let me tell you some things about me. I'm a level 66 Agility Xelor, I'm a level 50 Shoemaker, and I am looking for people to join my guild! Read below to find out about it!

P.S. If you have a house or paddock feel free to join us and add it to the guild! Thanks!!

How To JoinEdit

Send a PM in the game to Inever-die

Send a PM in the game to Retard-Healbot

Send a PM in the game to The-Canadian

Requirements ==

1. Must be level 50+

2. Must be active

3. Must be talkative

4. HAVE FUN!!!

For a bit more info visit:


1. All alignments are allowed, so no attacking other people in guild. Please report to me if you have any problems with this.

2. I prefer correct grammar, but once-in-a-while bad grammar is permitted.

3. No back talking the leader or smack-talking anyone else in guild.

4. For every 1experience you get, I give you 1kama. This isn't a bribe, just simply builds trust towards me.


On Trial: Should never stay On Trial for more than a day.

Guard: First rank you get and should or will never go below (:

Reservist: Once you hit level 60 you get this rank.

Craftsman: Once you hit level 70 you get this rank.

Protector: Hold this rank through levels 80-99.

Treasurer: Hold this rank through levels 100-119.

Second In Command: Once you hit level 120 you permanently have this rank unless you want to change it.

Custom Ranks: Custom ranks are assigned for SOME corresponding to class, or other role in guild.