Dejavu is a spanish guild created in 2006 by ex members of Made in Spain.

The leader is Gezabel married to the sram Malamen, officer of the guild. Malamen, Morktarr, xXxLoPeKoxXx, BLaNQuiTa, Sadida---grotsen, Jezabel and Ludwing are the officers of this guild.

Almost all its members are brakmarian because it is a requiriment to be a dejavu moreover being level 70, be brack, spanish language and full member.

There is a strong and long relationship with Inordem and its leader Quiran (goodmather of Dejavu),Colombia leader the eca Ruleta, and the best allied of Dejavu, Hispania leader the eca Piku Dark Light leader H-I-M It exists a brotherhood between these guilds from the beginning of Dejavu guild.

Dejavu has some other allies in different guilds as Saeltiel, NIBAS,Juan Valdez ,Ruleta ,Abuela, Wazap, Jazen, Kreenos, Goldendagger, Virge, and some others who have helped this guild and its members from the very beginning. Thanks all.

One of the main objective of dejavus is being one of the best spanish brakmarian guilds in dofus where respect is its letter of introduction .

Also the guild is very open to chat but no to spam the Guild Chat. All the members are very very friendly and ready to help anyone in the possible.

Dejavu guild missed in November 2006 one of its colombian and lovely member Memfil,in a accident, we wont forget u , rest in peace dear, you will always be a dejavu .

Dejavu es una guild hispana creada en el 2006 por ex miembros de Made in Spain

La lider Gezabel casada con el sram Malamen, officer del guild junto con: Morktarr, xXxLoPeKoxXx, BLaNQuiTa, Sadida---grotsen, Jezabel y Ludwing.

Hay un fuerte relacion con las guilds Inordem cuyo lider es Quiran (Madrina de dejavu) COLOMBIA cuyo lider es el eca Ruleta, y el mejor aliado de Dejavu, Hispana cuyo lider es el eca Piku y Dark Light cuyo lider es H-I-M existe un hermandad entre estas guild y Dejavu. Dejavu tiene otros aliados como Saeltiel, NIBAS, Juan Valdez, Ruleta, Abuela, Wazap, Jazen, Kreenos, Goldendagger, Virge y otras personas que han ayudado al guild Dejavu, gracias a todos.

Uno de los principales objetivos de Dejavu es ser una de las mejores guild hispanas brackmarians en dofus quien respete la carta de introduccion.

La guild es muy abierta para la convivencia pero no para el spam, todos los miembros son muy amigables y ayudan en lo posible.

Dejavu perdio en Noviembre de 2006 a un miemrbo colombiano y amado "Memfil", en un accidente, no te olvidaremos, descansa en paz, tu seras siempre un Dejavu.