Guild Info Edit

Average level of the members: 12x

Minimum level to join Defiance is 90.

We have two houses in Bonta, including a Jeweler's house.

Defiance Pic1

To place or collect from a perceptor, you must have contributed a minimum of 10,000 Exp to the guild. If you place a perceptor, only you collect from the perceptor.

Guild members level 100 or more are expected to act as protectors. If a perc is attacked, protectors are expected to rise and fight for it.

To access a paddock, you must have contributed a minimum of 20,000 Exp, and to outfit the paddock, a minimum of 30,000 Exp.

We have two paddocks, both in the butcher's district.

All members are set to contribute a minimum of of 1% Exp. You can give more if you want. The more Exp you earn for the guild, the more rights you will have.

Defiance is a an all-inclusive Guild, with active members in all Solar alignments. :)

Contact these guys for more info Edit

Cipherenu: Guild Leader
silverhair: Second In Command