Joining Requirements Edit

  • Current minimum level to join is 15
  • You must be able to communicate in English

We have currently got a few members below level 15, but they've been here since before we added the new rules, so they'll stay.

Rules Edit

  • All guildchat must be in english
  • There's no XP requirement - we're more keen on having high-leveled members, than a high-leveled guild - but many members donate 5% or 10% most of the time.
  • We give the right to give XP pretty fast (when you get to Apprentice), but it is NOT allowed to change the amount of XP given of other players. If we notice this happening again, we'll strip everyone of this right.

Ranks Edit

  • Leader: Desidero
  • Second in Command: Micha
  • Protector: level 70+
  • Reservist: level 40-69
  • Guard: level 25-39
  • Apprentice: level 15-24
  • On Trail: < level 15

Sometimes the ranks change as we grow.