Guild HistoryEdit

Original guild was founded by hydroblood & Akime in Spring 2008.

But the icon needed to be reworked, so the guild was deleted and redone on August 31, 2008.

On September 6, 2008 hydroblood gave the okay for SueB to become leader of the guild.

About UsEdit

We are a guild of friends that like to have fun & support each other in-game.

Alliances With...Edit

'The Boondock Saints'

Guild RanksEdit

Guild ranks are assigned by the SueB, Defenderfelix and her/his whims, but we try to keep it organized by your level and guild contribution.

Requirement to JoinEdit

1. Being P2P is not a must, but it makes it easier to do dungeons or train with guildies.

2. Level 60+ is preferred, but at the moment it's open invite for any level.

3. No whining for leeching, it's annoying.

Rules of the GuildEdit

1. Be kind & courteous to everyone in guild.
2. No swearing in guild chat.
3. No spamming or begging in guild chat.

Spamming and swearing in light amounts are ignored, but if situation worsen, SueB and Defenderfelix will enforce the rules.

Contact InformationEdit

Leader: SueB (Semi-Active)
Second In Command: Defenderfelix (Acting Leader)
Second In Command: SporkyII (Active)