Dead MoonEdit

Dead Moon is a guild which is English speaking and lvl 25.The founders of Dead Moon are 2 companions that spend alot of time together and came up with the idea to open a new guild which will be sucess in dofus and the last thing on their mind is failure.These 2 warriors are focused and determind that this will be a famous and welcoming friendly guild in dofus which will do alot of stuff together like travling to the Moon... Island and do dungeons and so.If your interested to join and you have the same taste as us message one of the listed Moon warriors and become part of our family.


The recuiting of Dead Moon is 100+ but we accept members that in a week they will become 100+ if they show positive attitude and are active and friendly.All members got to donate atleast 1% to the guild so if interested message one of the Moon Warriors : Lesnar-mlt, Honos-x, Arrow-mlt, The-mlt, Heal-mlt.​ The members will start at Aprentice rank with some rights including inviting members manage own xp and some perceptor rights the more you give the more you climb until finally you choose your own rank apart from Second in Command and Chosen One