History/Prologue: Hello, this is Dustorm The history of this guild is very simple it was made by******** and it was handed down to me, Duststorm the current leader of this guild, I am a level 48 Xelor

Rules of Joining-

The rules of Joining are that you must be active or within one week you will be Pruned(Banned) second you must be atleast level 20 to join this guild. Other than that we have fun and chill out nothing else to say about the rules

We want-

We want people that don't move from guild to guild just to gain rights and second in command ranks. we rarely ever recruit unless a person asks to be recruited by us.

We dont want people who challenge other guild members because they want to take their anger out in the game from worldly affairs, we like people who participate in activities and just try to have fun

We dont want any nonsense by any guild member, This guild is mostly about fun, we may challenge other guilds at some point in the guilds life but currently we are still trying to raise our guild level

Guild System The guild system works diffrently than others here is a sample of how it works

Level:31 Class: Cra Placed in: Initiate Trust Level:0 Currently XP Gained for Guild:0 Currently

Level=10% Trust=70% XP Gained for Guild=20% This is the main way that you can gain ranks or even get rights

Hope you will Join, DustStorm