This guild was created by -X-Kai-X- because he wanted his own guild. His girlfriend -x-Tia-x- came up with the name and logo, thus after a while -x-Tia-x- became the leader because of those reasons.


Since the guild is pretty much new-ish, we're looking for anybody who is willing to help level up the guild. When the guild reaches level 10, there will be restrictions on levels. Level 30+ may be the most desired level to join, but people of a level just a little lower may be allowed, if they get on the good sides of other members.


If you wish to join this guild, please PM -x-Tia-x-, seeing as she will be the most likely to be online.


Ranks are earned by achieving certain tasks. To see these tasks, please check out the ranks page of the guild website.


-x-Tia-x- tries to make the guild as active as possible, but that may only be achieved if the guild reaches level 10.