The Leader: Retefith, a male level 200 Sram

Officers: Wolflind, a female level 200 Sacrier and Merrygold, a female level 194 Eniripsa

Formerly known as Lightgraziers, founded 5th January 2008, the guild changed symbol and name..

Cute and Cuddly is a very small private guild of 4 active players and around 21 avatars.

Many of those are lvl 100 profession bearing alternate characters.

The Guildhouses are at Sufokia, Koalaks, Brakmar, Frigost and Canopy village, also does the guild own 4 small paddocks for breeding.

The Members are friendly and helpful but greatly dislike abuse of this..

The Guild doesn't recruit openly, but longtime friends may be asked to join. Forumadress is given to new members