Cult of the Vanir is a mixed-allignment, very friendly guild of mature people.


We are recruiting mature players aged 21 and over, particularly welcoming couples, as we already have 6 couples in the guild. You must be p2p, have at least a level 40 character, and speak good english. Consideration will be given to couples where just one is over level 40 so long as you level together.

We have many active members. We have a range of levels, with some level 100+ players and some lower level alts/crafters. Our members are currently split roughly 50/50 between Europe and the US. We have a guild forum at We regularly go on group hunts, dungeon runs and have the occasional Perc defending night. Alignment is mixed: We have both Brak- and Bonta-aligned players. Most of us also regularly level our professions. We have level 100 alchemists, bakers, farmers, miners, etc.

If you wish to join PM either myself, Verdande, Gefjon, or one of the other officers (mega-mig, ZeffiMax or HappyBones). Look forward to hearing from you. :)