Critical Hit was founded by Rakinishu back in October of 2006. He migrated from Critical Failure on the Rushu server as soon as Rosal went online and passed leadership to DeepPurple when he left around March 07. After that, a democracy was formed and the guild shared important decisions among the long standing existing members. This way of running the guild has continued to present day, with LittleBex as leader.

Our Guildies

Our minimum level to join is now 130, but don't expect to stay long if you don't fit the 4 points below:

  1. Don't be annoying. (this includes chat spamming, begging for items/perc rights, and not respecting others)
  2. Honor the "3 F's": Fellowship, Friendship & Fun. Be willing to give to the guild at least as much as you get from it. It's not all about giving the guild XP, it's about being active in guild chat, being helpful, joining in hunts and most of all having fun.
  3. You need to be P2P and active.
  4. By lvl 100, you should also be a high level in at least one profession. We already have a lvl 100 in almost every profession, however, it is convenient to have more than one represented in the guild.