This guild is a guild with active players. The basic rights are all rights except the right to ban, manage rights, and manage boosts. First of all we do not want people banning each other for no reason. Even there is a conflict they should not show their anger through banning. We do not give the right to manage rights because then everyone will give themselves full rights and therefore everyone can do everything and everyone is second leader in command. The requirements for this guild is a least level fifteen if you are not the leader's friend. If you are the leader's friend you can join at any level and receive the right to manage rights and you start from there. Any member that is not the leader's friend will have to reach ten thousand experience given to the guild in order to receive full rights. If a player manages someone else's settings such as the % of experience given to the guild, they will lose that right and will have to get more experience to the guild in order to get the right back.