Hiya, This is the guild page of the guild "Crescent Moon" We are an open friendly,mostly P2P guild who go on near-daily dungeon runs/Xp hunts and item hunts.

We have varying levels that go from 20-170 we honestly are fairly relaxed about levels as long as you get along with your other guild members.

We have a structured Hierarchy ranging from dogsbody-0 xp,penitent-1000 xp to protector-500000 xp given to guild.

We have 3 second in commands who you may private message if you wish to join. These names are mentioned below.

I can guarantee that you will make many friends in this guild.

Another way to contact us is if you see a member of any rank ask them to contact a senior member, please give them your name and we will contact you asap.

On the 23/1/11 we were level 10 and this will almost definitely have changed we have a house ready and are looking for an unaligned, easily accessible, big paddock.

The ranks and their needed xp will be posted soon however if you would like to know before joining we can contact you.

Now, the requirements (don't worry there aren't many) are as follows:

We are generally ok with this however you must be ok with swearing and joking around.

MUST be friendly

MUST be fairly active and talkative

At the moment the guild is mostly P2P we will soon be ENTIRELY P2P this is due to the fact that it becomes very hard for F2Ps to become involved in our various activitie.

Please private message "Ash-blade" (leader), "Storming-Sakura" (Second in command) "Ultimate-butterknife" (second in command) "Balmungoftheazuresky" (second in command).

We hope this is the guild for you, please private message us if you want to know more.