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Membership Edit

Is available to any class and alignment, the only requirements are a pleasant personality, a entertaining sense of humor and cordial demeanor.

Ranks Edit

Nuisance; Base rank, 1K XP Donation & 2x Guild Level.

Authority: Invite.

Responsibility: Follow Guild Rules, Find New Friends.

Theif; 4th Rank, 10K XP Donation & 3x Guild Level.

Authority: Place Collector and Collect Kamas.

Responsibility: Help level guild members.

Merchant; 3rd Rank, 50K XP Donation & 4x Guild Level.

Authority: Change XP, Paddock Use.

Responsibility: Change donation XP on demand.

Treasurer; 2nd Rank, 100K XP Donation & 5x Guild Level.

Authority: Ban, Access Guild Chest, Change Paddock Equipment.

Responsibility: Resolve Disputes, Paddock Maintenence.

Treasure Hunter; 1st Rank, Exceptional Behavior and Actions.

Authority: Change Guild Rights.

Responsibility: Anything and Everything.

Dontaions Edit

XP donation is set at 10%, and may not be reduced below this minimum. A guild member may always increase their donation for any duration.

Founders Edit

By Chrono-Sapien circa Febuary 14th, 2007

Executive Members Edit

Leader; Chrono-Sapien (Xelor)

Treasure Hunter; MadamOsell (Enutrof)

Official ForumEdit

Not available at this time.

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