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Guildie Requirements Edit

  • Minimum Level of 60
    • The minimum level is necessary unless you are very close to 60 or have a high crafting proffession.
  • P2P
    • If a guildie goes f2p, they will not be kicked because of it.
    • If planning to become p2p, an arrangement may be made.
  • Active
  • Friendly
  • Equipted

Ranking System Edit

Ranks are awarded based on guild xp donations, some rights go hand in hand with rank, others are awarded based on a decision made by the council.

Rank Xp Donated Description
Nuisance 0 Starting rank. Xp rights granted. Must stay at 3% xp unless an exception is made.
Apprentice 1000 Same as nuisance.
Initiate 5000 Invite rights are granted.
Thief 10000 Same as Initiate.
Treasure Hunter 20000 Perceptor rights granted.
Poacher 50000 Same as treasure hunter.
Secretary 100000 Same as treasure hunter.
Diplomat 250000 Same as treasure hunter.
Spy 500000 Paddock rights granted.
Scout 750000 Same as spy.
Guard 1000000 Now you can pick any rank below Guard rank.
Dogsbody 2000000 Same as Guard.
Reservist 3000000

Same as Guard.

The higher your rank, the more respect you are granted by the SiC's and Leader, meaning your voice has more power. Other duties may be assigned to you because of rank, including ones that directly effect the guild itself.

General Rules Edit

  1. Do not spam.
  2. Don't use guild chat just to release your anger.
  3. Don't swear for not reason.
  4. No spam.
  5. Do not use it like you would /r and /b. (no advertising)
  6. Do NOT spam.
  7. Try not to annoy others.
  8. No politics please.
  9. Don't spam.
  10. Be respectful, including not spamming.

Special Ranking Edit

Mentor- One who helps newbs with questions.

Mascot- The funny person.

Chosen One- Usually the leader's alternate account.

Perceptor Killer- One who does what the name says.

Breeder- The breeder....

Recruiting Officer- The one who helps recruiting.

Counsellor- The one that likes to deal with the annoying people.

Governor- A member granted power to monitor the guild.

Treasurer- One in charge of guild paddock/house spending/savings.

Protector- One willing to protect our perceptors 'till the death.

Traitor/Deserter- Who would wanna leave Core anyways?

Website Edit

For info on unanswered questions, events, or something else guild related, please go to our website
This site has a forum, roster, chat box, and other useful things.