General Information:

Commando is an active, english-speaking guild, although we accept members from all over the world. New members must contribute 10% of their xp to the guild until their xp contribution reaches 5000 then its 5%. Minimum permanent xp contribution is 5%. We accept both paying members and non-paying members of the game.

Requirements for joining the guild:

  1. Be 50+ in level (although we accept anyone over 30 as long as he/she levels up quick!).
  2. Be friendly with guild members and non-guild members alike.
  3. Be active! An active guild always surpasses difficulties.
  4. Don't be a kama or item beggar. C'mon, everybody hates them. :)

To join, simply contact someone from the list below or make an application on our guild website.

Guild Houses and Paddocks:


Type Location Owner Coordinates
Small House Madrestam BlackFire69 (8,-3)
Villa Sufokia Boredtwin (13,27)


Items/Mounts Spaces Location Coordinates
7/7 Bonta (Lumberjack's Quarter) (-28,-59)
8/8 Cania Plains (Cania Massif) (-17,-20)


  • We are an english speaking guild, keep that in mind.
  • Average member level is 92.
  • All nationalities accepted. This is an international server after all.

A list of all of our current members:

#No. Name Rank
1 Ice-Summoner Leader
2 Rampaige Second in Command
3 Twinbored Second in Command
4 Xiaopp Protector
5 Xiaopohai Protector
6 Zhangguorong Protector
7 Asman Protector
8 Hot-Angle Protector
9 Eat Craftsman
10 Ice-Lethal Guard
11 Albi-Saccy Diplomat
12 Sakara Initiate
13 Dark-pill Initiate
14 Yukiu Murderer
15 Matex Governor
16 Timetoodie Governor
17 Lol-Healer Counsellor
18 Lepi-matex Counsellor
19 Goonrock Chosen One
20 Click-e Guide
21 Squideus Guide
22 Destruction-Cat Mentor
23 Raffelia Mentor
24 Lilly-Pad Mentor
25 Tico-Master Mentor
26 Killerxelo Breeder
27 Oreotree Merchant
28 Matdor-invensivel Merchant
29 Cruel-Pink Apprentice
30 Kraakie Apprentice
31 Furiazinha Apprentice
32 Albi-Trapper Apprentice
33 Ninarck Apprentice
34 Shooter-Boy Torturer
35 Dark-Shifter Torturer
36 My-Animals Torturer
37 Dartiner Torturer
38 Squidal Mascot
39 Nink-Guldax Penitent
40 Albi-Nature Dogsbody
41 Black-heartz Dogsbody
42 Liquidus Dogsbody
43 Finland-Blood On Trial
44 Tenygin On Trial
45 Ervas-vermelhas On Trial

Last updated: Monday August 8th, 2011