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Children of the Night

Information About Ranking

If you have just joined the guild:

Level 20+ = A 5 day waiting trial, (On Trial)(No Rights)(Goal = donate 2000xp)

After the 5 day trial(if you pass)

Level 20-29 = (Apprentice)(Invite) (Place a Collector) (Goal = donate another 2000xp)

Level 30-39(total of 4000XP donation) = (Wide choice of Title)(Manage the XP Distribution)(Goal = donate 2000xp)

Level 40+ = Undecided


Contact any of our members to join, Level 25+ preferred.

Some members ready and willing to get you aboard:

Kaz Time-Ruler Deadly-Thorn Lady-Lucifer Atsuma

Or any other CoTN Rep you see on the street or in the field.

Admission is *usually* 1 PM away. And a level requirement too.


You must meet the following requirements to join this guild.

A) Experience in another server, regardless of your level.


B) We APPRECIATE if you are cool and don't piss off thank you

Children of the Night

Guild Owner IGN: Shika: Lady-Lucifer Class: Xelor

Guild Owner IGN: Rosal: Lady-Lucifer Class: Sram

Members: 44(May/19/2007)

Guild Level: 6(May/19/2007)

Do YoU HaVe WhAt It TaKeS ??