We are the guild of supreme Chaos... A guild that embarks on a great Journey to rule ALL that steps in our way....

We are Chaotic


  • Leader:
    • Shadow-Blades
  • Second in command:
    • Ladio
    • Chrono Crusader
    • Guid
      • Milg
      • Raven
    • Toturer
      • Emmerceddes
  • Mentor:
    • Milg
    • Raven
  • Apprentice:
    • Ghost-Buster
    • Mariachi
    • Time-Vortex
    • Sultan
    • Nefertiri
    • Luxter
    • Red Barol
    • Night-Hunter
    • Pay-Day
    • Nekros
    • Emerald-Scaraleaf
    • Rakshash
    • Blodyvampire
    • Zero-bear
    • Lv-Kuusa
    • Feli
    • Imabanger
    • Cial-Tsun
    • pach
    • Dorion
    • Very-heal
    • Exxodus
    • Amprose
    • Shadowsun
    • Angelic-Hope
    • Red-Gloves
    • Testiard
    • Plumeria

The rest are all avalable Ranks in the guild


Rank Xp Donated Description
Apprentice 0 The very first rank. 10% exp donation (or higher if you wish) will be mandatory until you hit 5,000 Exp.
Mentor 5,000 You gain privileges to change your exp donation.
Initiate 12,500 Sounds better than apprentice. ^.^
Torture 25,000 You can now also modify your guildmate's XP donation %'s.
Diplomat 40,000 You're a helpful addition to the guild. ^.^
Recruiting Officer 75,000 You now gained invite rights.
Guard 120,000 Not only are you a valuable asset of the guild. ^.^
Scout 160,000 You gain rights to place a perceptor.
Penitent 260,000 You're getting up there. ^.^

Chosen one

Second in Command



You can now also collect from perceptors. You are now the secondary leader of the guild Well done


  1. No using the guild as a trade channel
  2. No spamming of the guild channel
  3. No attacking people of a different allignement if they belong to the guild
  4. No Placing perceptors untill some one of high power is online

== ==

Guild MattersEdit






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