Chaos and Karma is an active and friendly greek speaking guild at level 14 with average level of members :28 and 34 members, on Rosal


The Chaos and Karma rules are simple:

Be nice and active:
  • don't speak with bad language
  • log in at least once a weak
  • help guild evolve
  • help guild members if you can
  • aggroing other members of the guild is forbidden


Everyone who is active can have a rank and :

  • can make and collect from a perceptor
  • can manage the xp ( you are kindly request to have 5%)
  • invite new members


  • You must be at least level 20 except you have a friend in the guild and must me active.
  • We prefer greek speaking characters but everyone is welcome.

House and PaddockEdit

We don't have yet but we are thinking to buy a paddock...

Join us!Edit