Chains Of Honour is a warm and welcoming guild on the Rosal server currently led by Tranzmutate. We have many active members from all over the wold and of all ages who are more than happy to try and help out with fights or any questions anyone may have. We have a wide range of professions available for guild members use which can be handy when needing to make something urgently. We love making new members feel welcome so feel free to stop one of us online and ask to join.


  • Level 100+
  • Must be able to speak english
  • Want to have fun!


Cania Plains (Lousy Pig Plain) (-1, -36) - 7 Max.

Bonta (Smiths' Quarter) (-28, -56) - 5 Max.

Sidimote Moor (-13, 24) - 9 Max.


Big Bontarian House (-33, -60)

Middle-Sized Smith House (-27, -55)

Sufokian House (15, 27)

Sufokian House (15, 28)

Big Straw Hut (-46, 16)

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