Guild Info:

Catalytic Destruction was started back in June of 2007 by Twisted-Blaze. We are a very laid back guild who believe in equality and fairness for all members. We are very trusting and treat everyone with respect. There is always joking/laughter in GC and we organize hunts/dungeon runs as much as possible. Due to the fact that we are very trusting, there was a bad incident in late 2007 where everyone in our guild was kicked by someone with ban rights. We have regained our most loyal members and met many new awesome people.

Currently we are recruiting if you meet the following:

  • Must be level 40+
  • Speak English/Ingles please!
  • Be active please! Members who are inactive without telling ahead of time will be removed.
  • We accept all alignments
  • Have a sense of humor!!
  • Be able to take a joke/Not easily offended because the guild chat gets pretty heated!

We do not want you if.....

  • You beg and beg for things....We love to help for everyone but please do not be annoying!
  • You like to scam people...Scammers will be deleted immediately!
  • You are immature....We all have our moments but if you're a douche bag all the time you are not welcome.

Current Projects:

  • Recruiting many more people!
  • Dungeon Guild Runs
  • Events + Prizes every so often


  • Currently we do not have alliances with any guilds just certain people.


  • We do not currently have enemies, but there has been an issue with a specific two ex members who have been trying to disdain the name of the guild, other then that we don't have any enemy guilds.

For more info give any of the following a shout!

  • Quick-Slit/Twisted-Blaze/Twisted-Reaver
  • Crunk-Juice/Dweezil
  • Ryze/Agito
  • Tikky
  • Darcc

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Re-Edited By: Ryze