The guild was formed on September 30, initially by friends who were of Black Power and they wanted to recover the spirit of companionship that time had been lost among the members of the former. Although the name suggests, Casas Bahia does not seek to establish a supremacy in the online gaming market, and also did not want to impose regionalisms (eg the leader lives in Paraná) and is not necessarily the goal of being one of the most powerful guile of Dofus. Search had only players who are willing to have fun with the game online and establish good ties of friendship with colleagues.

General ConductEdit

a. Not lacking with respect to other players. They are both inside and outside the guild.

b. Have ethical conduct. No abuse of mechanisms that take the fun of the game for others - that rule fits much as perceptors steal from other players or attacking members through alignment or even using bots or other software that desequilibre the game. Again, only a matter of common sense.


a. There is a hierarchy in the ranking of the guild. There is a leader, the second in command and advisers. Although there is the distinction of rankings, none is more or less influential than others. All these members make up the board and determine which way the guild should take.

b. Beginners are members who joined the guild recently or are under evaluation. As the time for the guild, exp donated and - most importantly - with the confidence gained to other members, they will change the ranking. Either way that does not mean much in addition to confirm the length of stay in the guild. So far there are no distinctions of rights depending on the ranking.

Perceptors (Percs)Edit

a. The original intention of percs of our guild is to assist in collection of maps. We do not recommend leaving a perc on a map and leave it there. It is not prohibited as well, since there are no abuses, but we want to avoid problems with other guilds and players, therefore, only warning members online with the guild channel (/ g) that we agree depending on the situation and needs of the member who raised perc.

b. Do not attack perceptors other guilds. Casas Bahia is a guild and does not tolerate peaceful diplomacy of problems caused by members who do not respect this rule.

c. Discussions about which points are applied in our perceptors taken by the council.

Mechanism of the GuildEdit

a. States have recently begun to donate 50,000 exp to begin to put perceptors.

b. Padoques are used by members who are allowed by the member who bought it, members who do not have padoques individuals can use to Bonta and Brakmar.

c. Only a few council members have right to invite members as well as expel them.