To Join our Guild Please Contact Any of the Following Members:

Finalshine - Leader
starkszz - Second in command Congratulations
Hannah-Ttm - Second in command Congratulations
Second in command open

Requirements to Join: Edit

Level 10+

MUST be on at least once a week.

Ranks WabbitNinjaEdit

(26 - 29)
(22 - 25)
(18 - 21)
(14 - 17)
(10 - 13)
On Trial:
(5 - 9)

You need to contact the guild leader before you are accepted on the guild as a Ranked Member.

Next Tournament Edit

Possibly Near Aprils end or the beginning of march

: ) Good luck to all who participate : )

Special Events Edit

Our leader has gone dark... Stand at his side...? or Stand against him...? The choice is in your hands... subscribers only Posting

Brakmarian VS Bontarian

EPIC BATTLE!!! Posted by: Destructive-Path (Formerly: HellzArcher)

Thank you for your time

Please contact guild leader(Finalshine) or Destructive-Path for more details.