About UsEdit

The Brotherhood of Blades is a lvl 17 Guild in Rosal. The Leader is Banish and it has about 45 members. We are a friendly guild which enjoys having people from all over the world. We speak English and can be quite talkative at times so be prepared!


We are not too picky about who enters our guild, just as long as you are willing to have fun. You can be F2P or P2P obviously you get to do more things if you are P2P but the F2P are still accepted and can do lots of things for the guild. Alignment is mixed, most are Bonta but there are Braks here aswell. We do require a 5% donation at all times, except for guild events (see below)


Our guild has a few members who are on every day but we would like some more so if you are n most days on the week, we would love to have you.

Guild EventEdit

We hold a guild event once a month. This involves before the event starting, telling us what item or how much money you want. To get your prize you must get a certain amount of xp for the guild in a week. (eg. You want 20kk money, you will need to get 20000xp for guild in that week. eg2. You want a Prespic Set, that would cost around 50kk so you would need to get 50000xp for guild in that week.)

Dungeon Runs/HuntsEdit

The guild has attempted many of the dungeons and frequently do runs in the gobball (P2P) and Field dungeon (F2P). If we get some more strong members, we would be happy to do more advanced dungeons.