Broken Alliance is a new and vibrant guild on Zatoïshwan. It was created on June 21, 2010. We support each other and work together on hunts and dungeon runs. Plus: we are currently recruiting. Pay attention to chat messages by Bluffs, or pm Bluffs directly, if you would like to know more details about this guild or join right away. To get an idea on how the guild works see the guidelines below.


July 23, 2010

Broken Alliance is currently recruiting.

Anyone who has contributed to buy a guild paddock automatically gets the right to use it.

Guild Rules

  • Any member must give at least 5% exp or more to the guild (if you want to make it to 0 make sure you ask the leader).
  • If you are PvP and you have a target in the guild, make sure you ask them and they agree to a fight before you attack them
  • If you go unactive for awhile, for example going on vacation, make sure to tell the leader or have someone else in the guild notify the leader


  • Apprentice: New recruit. No exp required for this rank. You get to manage the exp that you want to give to the guild.
  • Breeder: Once you have given at least 5 000 exp to the guild you will be ranked as a Breeder.
  • Recruiting Officer: After giving at 10 000 exp to the guild you will become a Recruiting officer and you get the right to invite new members and place or collect from a perceptor.
  • Counsellor: 20 000 exp given to the guild will make you a Counsellor and you get the right to change your own exp given to the guild and guildmates.
  • Protector: As a Protector you must have given at least 25 000exp to the guild. The minimum level for this rank is 70. Any Protector is able to use the paddock.
  • Treasurer: At 30 000 exp the rank of Treasurer is available. The minimum level for this rank is 90.

Other Ranks

  • Thief: Sram's can choose this rank and keep the rights they are eligible for depending on the exp given to the guild.
  • Craftsman: Must have a high level profession that is not a gathering profession. As a craftsman you acquire the right to manage your own and the exp of other guildmates. Plus, you get the right to place a perceptor. Tell the leader if you have a high level profession. For this rank you do not need to have given any exp. You may choose to have this rank or any of ranks above that you are eligible for.
  • Perceptor Killer: A Perceptor Killer joins fights to protect a perceptor and in perceptor attacks with the guild. Extra rights include placing and collecting from a perceptor.
  • Guard: A guard joins fights to protect a perceptor. Extra rights include collecting form a perceptor.


  • Elite United