Brakmarian Rose was created by Arweena and Leyline.
At the moment, the guild is level 47,
owns 4 houses located in Frigost, Brakmar, Koalak Mountains and Bonta
as well as 4 paddocks,located in Koalak's Mountains.


The main rule is to have fun and enjoy as much as you can.
The guild chat is not G-rated but extreme potty talk is not tolerated.

Aggroing of guild members is frowned
upon unless in prisms or territorial conquests.

Ideal BR Candidate

1. Must be fluent in English.

2. Age doesn't matter but 17+ is preferred.

3. Level doesn't matter.

4. Friendly and tolerant people.

Brakmarian Rose IRC:


channel: #brakmarianrose

port: 667

Our member, Digitized made a handy profession calculator which you can download here

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