History Edit

  • Created by C-TuC in November 2008
  • Guild plot is simple: leader is your captain, riding an armada, full of sea monsters and weird crew members, all adoring the Boobz Goddess.

Philosophy Edit

  • Respect the Boobz or you won't grow any

Rules Edit

  1. Find your own war cry.
  2. Dedicate yourself to Boobz, cultivate them, make them grow, farm them, love them.
  3. Plan your dungeon runs in late hours... tired people say a lot of fun craps, you don't want to miss it.
  4. Post you picture! For the love of lurk!
  5. Do share drops (if possible) when you run a dungeon and your mate gets nothing, it's just basic politeness. They had to stand your noobiness all the way through; they don't deserve Ankama bad luck curse.
  6. Be yourself, crazy or shy, because faking is a crime.
  7. Do not mess with Pinky Fish or a gay shark will screw you (that's our definition of respect)
  8. Be nice with your fellow guildies. Helping each other is the key to happiness and boobzhugs.

Recruitment. Edit

  • Level requirement 140+
  • We accept: friends of friends and crazy individuals
  • We do not accept: drama queens, cocky freaks, ass lickers

Ranks and Rights Edit

  • When you join the guild you get invite rights and can chose your xp donation
  • After 2 weeks in guild you will get perc rights and the freedom to chose your rank. Percs belong to the people who place them. You also get access the private section of the guild forum at
  • You can ask paddock rights after 2months in guild (or sooner if we like you enough). Mounts must be stored in shed when you log off. You use your own breeding items. When 2 breeders want to breed at the same time, older breeder gets the priority. For now the list is short 1.Xu-Xu, 2.-Erika-

Foreign policy Edit

  • We have no allies or enemies, therefore Boobzers are free to attack ANY perc at ANY time. Do make sure to accept this rule before joining, there will be no exception, no matter if your alt/wife/dog is in the guild a Boobzer is about to attack. We consider percs to be just another mean to practice group pvp. Threats and bribery attempt to stop Boobzers to enjoy this part of the game will be ignored: if you wanna make it personal it’s your choice, not ours.
  • We have active pvpers amongst our members. If you think one of them is being too harsh on you, I (C-TuC) -might- interfere and squize the bad boy/girl tits to calm them down, but only if your argue goes beyond game borders. Otherwise, it's just none of my business.