Bloody Trinity is recently created mixed aligment guild. It was created by brakmarian xelor named Dx-Timer


|•Respect everybody in the Trinity. |•No spamming on the guild chat |•No insulting in the guild chat |•No Seriane Kerms |•Respect the leader and the second hands mostly (but others too) |•No Banning without the permission of Watamete or Dx-Timer |•No aggroing allied guild members |•You have to speak Good english or we don't accept your request to join our guild.. we are an english speaking guild |•Respect the rules Have Fun in our Community


To Join you must | be over level 20 | be brakmarian,Bontarian,Neutral | speak good english

If you can do all of these limits you can send a request to Dx-Timer , Watamete , Fin-Ranger (we accept almost all requests in this point but in the higher levels you must explain your reason , say your stats , and the dofus experience)

Banning and PunishmentsEdit

If you break the rules many times we might give you a lesson (punishment)

Punishments of breaking the rulesEdit

This is the calculator of the punishments

1st Warning We give you a chance to change your acting and respecting| •2nd Warning We've warned you once and you must change your ways of acting in the guild or we give you a lesson of public behaviour| •Low Punishment We set the limit of guild exprience collecting to 50% and we give you a warning •Low-Medium Punishment We set your xp limit to 80% and we think about your behaviour and the more you get warnings and sanctions it lowers your respect and the status in the guild •Medium-Hard Punishment we set the limit to 90% and in the other hand we might exclude you from the guild for One WeekHard Punishment this lowers your respect to 0 and we give you the rank of mascot and we exclude you from our guild activities. then you have time think about your behaviour •!!!Extreme Punishment!!! We ban you without any chats

•No Banning Without A Reason Or Permission From The leader or the second hands•

Guild ActivitiesEdit

•We might get some dungeon runs and some fun time together. (sorry f2p's but you cant join our dungeon runs (except for the field dungeon))

•We may set a drop hunt for massive players of our guild (global drops like : leek pie scrolls , experience srolls , and guildalogems)

((In Hard Punishment you don't get the invite to our massive dungeon runs or global drops))


If you have any questions about us/rules/activities/members/joining contact to Dx-Timer (Fin-Healerz,Ceangal Claw) or Watamete(Gx-Summoner)

(in () named character are altitudes so they might not be connected always so please contact to Dx-Timer or Watamete also Gx-Summoner is now online most of the time)