We are the Bloody Soulz, we stand as one, we fight as one. An insult to one is an insult to all. Respect our Leader. Respect our Honor. Respect our Blade.-Bloody Soulz Battle chant

General InformationEdit

All members of the guild below Reservist rank must maintain a minimum xp tax of 2%, otherwise they will be kicked after a short grace period.

There is no minimum lvl for our guild and we accept Free to play and pay to play players, however, we would prefer if members below lvl 20 could raise their lvl's as soon as possible.We also encourage advancing any professions you might have, so as to help the guild.



Bloody Soulz Hierarchy

Military BranchEdit

Each rank tier from initiate up to treasurer in the military branch is based on this formula: Rank Tier is equal to R in the formula 2^R\approx\text{XP Contribution}/1000

Example: John Doe has 6,584 xp contributed to the guild, and he want's to know if he can be a reservist. So, he finds that 6,584/1000 is approximately 6.5, which is not 2 to the third or the next power of 2 after 4.

An important thing to note is that often times a person on trial will be granted the right to manage their own xp in order to advance to initiate faster. this all depends on whether or not someone capable of monitoring progress is on and what the On trial members level is.

Commerce BranchEdit

It is also important to note that the commerce branch is mainly focused on crafting and thus rank is based on what your craft's are what level they are and how much you've contributed to the guild.

Merchant rank is for characters tat are being used as shops for the guild.

Breeder rank is for people that are maintaining mounts for the guild.

Executive BranchEdit

In the Executive Branch Rank is more based on contribution to the guild than anything else. it is also key to note that anyone of the mentor rank is actually an alternate character of the leader.

More InfoEdit

Executive ranks and rights will be handed out at the leisure of the upper echelons.

Gxp contribution is only a qualifying factor for green ranks, other factors such as leadership skill and trustworthiness are also considered.

Your Rank decides the pecking order items collected from preceptors as well as other things such as handouts.

It is against the rules to attack guild members of the opposite alignment unless it is during a prism battle or heart battle.

Guild RosterEdit

Executive BranchEdit






Second in Command-


Commerce BranchEdit

Military BranchEdit













Atsuma Lawliet is currently working on scripting a forum and homepage for us through the use of info boards.


No events are scheduled

If you would like to schedule an event inform someone of treasurer rank or higher with the event idea as well as the time and place for the event

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