About Edit

We are a Fun loving, Well-mannered and a very Friendly group of people. The word "We" is used a lot in our guild cause we believe that "Bloodline = Family" *emotional music*. We are a Mixed alignment guild though a majority are of Brakmarian alignment. The Members are introduced into the guild by invitation or by request posted in our guild forum. The Ranks are given on basis of Exp given to Guild .The emphasis should be more on acquiring Rights and not on Ranks as they will be given on basis of Trust.

  • The Rosal Guild was established 7 months back.
  • The Solar Guild was recently established since the opening of Solar (when the Guildalogems were distributed :)).

Professions Edit

We have Rosal Professionals who have the following professions at lvl 100 :












and Miner.

Houses and Paddocks in Rosal Edit

  • We have One 6-chest Luxurious Kokonut House on the Beautiful Otomai Island.
  • Our Second Guild House is a 2-Chest Average Keeholo House in the Tree Canopy Village.
  • The First Paddock (7-mount) is located in the same screen as Our Guild House and On Otomai Island.
  • The Second Paddock (4-mount) is located in the same screen as Brakmar Smith-magi workshop.
  • The Third Paddock (4-mount) is located in the left screen of Brakmar Zaap.

Bloodline Guild Forum Edit

Our Guild Forum is like a Mini communication Hub for us.

It is where We decide Fun Events, Parties, Organise contests, Discuss our opinions,Express Ideas, Ask help for hunting, Share jokes and Show each other interesting finds from internet.

Usually a Hot-Spot during maintenance of the Dofus Server.

Special Thanks Edit

Special Thanks to Our Beloved Retired Leader and Forever Friend -QuietKnight, for being a wonderful Leader and Support without whom we couldn't have made it this far :)