The guild's rules are
  • Every member must speak english, since the guild is international.
  • Minimum level to enter is 150.
  • Every member must be register at guild's forum.
  • Only members with Leader or Second in Command rank can invite or ban guild's members.
  • To enter the guild, the candidate must talk with a Second in Command or Leader.
  • The services (professions) for guild's member are for free.
  • It's recommended to donate at least 1% for guild, to help the guild grow up.
  • The perc's system works like this: every perc has an owner, so only the owner can pick up the perc, and loot goes for the owner of the perc. It may change in the future.

Seconds in Command
  • Pitchu-Br
  • Laranja
  • Pegapacapa
  • Power-Blood
  • Absinta
  • Pedro-Enu
  • Shiemoon-Br
  • Shaman-of-Night

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