We are one of the nicest guild we can be in shika. We do not possess the most powerful members, level, money or equipment: these things are not as important, the reason this guilds exist is to help people,having a good time, being a generous and play together.

Leader and Second in commandEdit

Guild Leader Second In Command


Jarron (Alt: Golbez)
Dkran (Alt: *None*)


  • Level requirements: Level requirement is being level 40+, although if you want to participate in hunts / runs being around level 65ish+ would help. Being a low level doesn't exclude you from guild activities.
  • Class requirements: Any character of any class is fine, we don't really mind.
  • Free to play and Pay to play: Being on a fully payed account is mostly recommended due to most of the activities we do regularly has nothing in F2P place, F2P can still join anyways.
  • Being Active: Besides from breaks due to holidays or emergencies we'd like active players. We are avoiding recruiting people who spend most of their time on another sever or anything which makes them inactive.

Extra info. :
We're always looking for fun, kind and friendly people to bring into the guild.

The key to being a member of Awre are being a friendly, king, trustworthy person. Having a respectful person approaching to others and wanting to help guild and people.

We don't want people who use guild as for swearing, arguing, complaining like little girl, trading/selling, etc. We don't want people with a bad attitude who like to annoys others, scamming people in dofus, using swearing, blah blah, u know. We don't want people who join guilds like ours to borrow things from one of our members without giving anything back, we don't want people who use "please" more than once in a sentence, ever.

We don't want people who wants to join high level guilds to show off, be strong, etc. We do want people who value dofus as a social experience.

So if you're sick of being in an inactive, uncaring guild and want to be in a loving, caring, generous, helping guild and spend time together then send a PM to our guild leader or second in command ^_^