Our guild Australia is full of fun loving friendly people, not all of whom are actually from Australia. All our members are level 130+. Our leader is lvl 200, and we also have 3 other 200's in the ranks. We are very active and do many dungeons, experience hunts, and drop hunts. We also have experience hunts in Frigost every day. We try to help our guild-mates whenever we can in any way possible, but aren't too fond of begging. Our average level is 164, we have 90 members, 5 houses and 4 paddocks. While most of our members are Bontarians, we do have neutrals as well as Brakmarians. All are welcome. Our Allied Guilds are Fire-Nation, Noypi, Italia, PSE, Super-Agent, and Hallucinogen.

The Top 5*Edit

Name Rank Level XP
Maxnellie Leader 200 8813503
Spellhealer Treasurer 199 2538284
Lol-lmaos Treasurer 200 2261753
Australian-sac Treasurer 199 2158500
Madmanmagic Second in Command 178 1063916

Guild House'sEdit

House Type Owner Location
Cabin in permafrost port THEBLOBS [-84,-41]
Large fisherman's house maxnellie [-38,-54]
Small house in Sufokia Madmanmagic [19,24]
Small house in the Canopy Village Moondayoncemore [-57,12]
Small house in Madrestam Hiphop-pop [9,-2]

Guild PaddocksEdit

Area Co-Ordinates Type Of Paddock
Astrub (Astrub Meadow) [9, -17] 6 Slot Paddock
Amamla (Amakna Castle) [6, -5] 5 Slot Paddock
Cania Plains (lousy Pig Plains) [-4,-23] 3 Slot Paddock
The Island Of Frigost (The Icefields) [-71,-35] 8 Slot Paddock

Professions And LevelEdit

Australia-Gold Fisherman/Fishmonger [100]
Spellhealer JewelMagus [100]
Moonwings Farmer/Baker [100]
Moons-Pride Handyman/Hunter/Butcher [100]
Home-wrecker Shoemagus [100]
Undertaker-Tito Farmer/Baker [100]
Maxx-Damage Baker [100]
Blackfire Jeweler [100]
Treehugger Baker [100]
Polar-Bear Jewelmagus/Costumagus/Daggersmith/Daggermagus/Fisherman/Fishmonger [100]
Moondust Alchemist [100]
Ichigeki Handyman/Lumberjack [100]
Life sux

Necessary To Join GuildEdit

  • You must speak english* (At all time's)
  • You must talk in a friendly way* (At all times)
  • No insulting/abusive behaviour will not be tolerated [just a joke d'oh] *
  • You Must Be level 130+
  • Must give 5% xp to guild at all times until you are 190+ then you can give 3% xp to guild
  • The Governor of the guild is to welcome all new members
  • Any problems are to be discussed with the counsellor (i.e) Maxnellie, Spellhealer if they are not online (Talk to the Governor) and issues will be resolved after he has spoken to leader.
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