• Armagedon was created on October 30th,
  • Armagedon was created to satisfy the leader's thirst for mayhem, chaos and destruction in an organized and orderly manner. (Oxy-moron i know)
  • The first leader was Zaorish

About the GuildEdit

  • Armagedon has 3 motos to play by:
  • 1.Never back down.
  • 2.What goes around comes around.
  • 3.Try or die trying.


  • If you play "Honorably", or you are big on "Respect", this guild is for you.
  • Minimum entry level:15
  • Alignment:Any
  • If you join and your a level under 21, you will stay on trial until you are level 21 and/or you have proven your loyalty to the guild.
  • F2P:Yes
  • P2P:Yes
  • If you join and see that some of our members have gotten out of trial and are BELOW level 21, it's because they have been in the guild for a while and have proven their loyalty to the guild.


  • If you want to join the guild, try and contact one of the recruiters in the guild:
  • =Stroganoff (Leader)
  • =The-Tofunater (Second in Command)


  • Armagedon doesn't really have an "Alliance" with anyone but the leader of Everlasting Gobstopperz has had "History" with Zaorish so the guilds are more of "aquintances".
  • We don't really have any "enemies" although some guilds have called us "Nooby" and have threatened us, we arn't really in "war" with anyone.
  • You can call our guild WHATEVER YOU WANT on the discussion page, we (the Leader) does not care. Zaorish is very fond of speaking your mind, so go ahead.Get dirty.Just remeber, we don't care.WE ARE IMMUNE TO TOM-FOOLERY.


  • Armagedon is very spontaineous and might attack a Perceptor for the hell of it. But there are some guild Perceptor(s) that we don't mess with like Lust's, Alliance's or Fallout's Perceptor(s).
  • If our Perceptor(s) is(are) attacked, we will defend it at all costs no matter what the odds. We have had our share of loses, but as some level 70's and 80's that have beat us know, we won't stop and will NEVER stop trying to defend our Perceptor(s) and honor of our guild.


  • If you start threatening or harassing one of our members, it's all good, we won't get involved because we like to have our members learn to take care of themselves. But if you start getting your own guild involved, it's on like Donkey-Kong.WE WILL HUNT YOU DOWN!
  • Some poeple have messed with members of Armagedon and seen how we go and spread "justice" to those worthy of it.So next time you start mouthing off, remember that you're messing with a vicious guild.
  • We arn't big, or strong but were like a poodle, small and persistant.