Anki was created on November 19, 2007 at 4:00 PM (GMT -8).

Anki is a guild dedicated to having fun, and generally maintaining a warm and friendly environment for playing Dofus. We have guild events with prizes (like Hide N Seek and PVP Tournaments), and we often plan dungeon runs. We also try our best to help each other out. because a guild can only be judged as a whole, not by an individual, we find the latter activity very important.

Anki is different than most guild in how ranks and rights are given. Ranks are split into three Branches, Governing, Military, and Base. Earning a rank depends on the branch it is in. For information on ranks, rights, or any other aspect of our guild, go to AnkiGuild.Com and click "Info".

Anki has 2 paddocks and 1 house.