Guild Ranks Edit

  • Special Ranks
    • Leader: Element-Valkyre
    • Second in command: Hanaire & Splunk
    • Craftsmen: People who aren't level 40 but have a level 40+ craft
    • Mascot: Pathaat
  • General Ranks
    • Guard: Iop
    • Scout: Cra
    • Spy: Sram
    • Protector: Feca
    • Murderer: Sacrier
    • Treasurer: Enutrof
    • Poacher: Osamodas
    • Torturer: Sadida
    • Thief: Xelor
    • Apprentice: Eniripsa
    • Muse: Pandawa
    • Merchant: Ecaflip
    • Penitent: For Alt chars

Guild Rights Edit

  • Invite new members: 0exp
  • Manage own exp: 0exp
  • Place perceptor: 10,000exp
  • Collect from perceptor: 15,000exp
  • Use guild paddock: 25,000exp
  • Place objects in paddock:50,000exp
  • Manage other's exp: 100,000exp
  • Manage other's mounts: 250,000exp
  • Ban people: 500,000exp
  • Manage ranks: 750,000exp
  • Manage boosts: 1,000,000exp
  • Manage rights: 5,000,000exp

Biography Edit

Anime-Knights is a low level guild on Shika that was created by me Element-Valkyre a Int/Vit osamodas. I created this guild to combine my love of anime with my love of saving the helpless people of Amakna, Astrub and Bonta. The Anime-Knights although a rather weak guild was well noticed and widespread through late 2008 but the an incident that cannot be discussed due to personal reasons it fell to be a low populated, avg level member guild with a very scattered and inactive community although in my recent attempts I have revived the guild with the aid of my many friends. We have a 6 mount paddock at [-29,-7].

Diplomatic Relations Edit

Current Allies:

Current Enemies:

  • Carnage

Recruitment Edit

To join you must be level 40+ or you must have a craft which is 40+. To join you can PM any member of the guild.

Rules Edit

  • You may only have 3 characters in the guild.
  • If you argue with another member repeatedly or act inapropriatly either or both of you will be kicked out as we are a friendly guild.
  • You must be able to speak clear English to stay.
  • If you steal from the guild chest or from a guild member then you shall be kicked instantaneously and will be requested to give back the item or you shall be hunted down and attacked by members repeatedly.
  • You must donate 1% exp or more at all times.

Motto Edit

You are only as powerful as you make yourself those who try their hardest and work hard will be the strongest whilst those who slack off and avoid work will always be weak, true Anime-Knights work hard and try their best to solve every problem that overcomes them and beat the problem with time left to nip to the Pinchaunt in and get a drink of Beer