Ancient Spirits is currently a very friendly, supportive and laid back guild created for the purpose of helping anyone who is new to Dofus or recently joining back after a long break. Our guild mainly consists people that are under level 100 and most people are non-subscribers. Nonetheless we still do all sorts of experience hunts and dungeon runs for achievements.

Guild Rules
  1. You will not bully, threaten, flame, harass, blackmail or scam anyone in or outside of the guild.
  2. You will not spam, beg, buy or sell items on the guild and alliance chat channels.
  3. Higher ranks are only allowed to collect someone else's perceptor if it's:
    • Constantly under attack.
    • The perceptor is full on pods and has been left in an area for several weeks.
  4. You are only allowed to set 1 perceptor at any time unless the leader allows you to place more.

Anyone that does not follow the rules will lose rights or may even be kicked from the guild!!

Rank Minimum Experience Required Rights
On Trial 0
  • Invite new members
  • Manage your own experience
  • Speak in the Alliance channel
Apprentice 10,000 -
Mentor 20,000 -
Guide 40,000 -
Govenor 80,000
  • Place and collect your own perceptors
Diplomat 160,000 -
Scout 320,000
  • Manage other guild members experience
Guard 640,000 -
Protector 1,280,000
  • Main perceptor defender
Treasurer 2,560,000
  • Manage boosts
Any Rank (Except for Second In Command) 5,120,000 -
Second In Command 0
  • Almost all rights
Symbol and Name creation of the guild

The guild was created by Dark-Shadowzs(Account name: Infectionbite) and the name was meant to mean "High, wise and spiritually powerful".

New: The guild symbol was recreated with a green background with a silver symbol because the colors couldn't been seen very well. The silver color still gives the guild that 'Ancient' stone look.

Old: The reason the guild symbol was chosen is because the blue and colors match on the color wheel and the guild green circle has a bunch of symbols on it making it look 'Ancient'. Dark colors were also added to give it the old look and not the bright happy look.