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IMPORTANT!! Our beloved leader is debating with fellow-leaders of the guild to sell it. This may seem hard, because he his offered another guild, stronger than this. Offers are welcome at any time.

We are currently looking for people interested in completing Pet Cemetary Dungeon[[1]]! You have to be level 20+ (p2p only!)

To join, please contact Leader or any Ancestral Knights' members.

A very good guild that requires a level of 20+

Guild Activities

-First, you get an entire Guild with members/friends to 'cover your back'

- 'Set-Hunts', When enough propspecting with all online and availible guild members, you can maybe once in a while join a 'set-hunt'. This is basically killing monsters to recieve set-pieces, such as Gobbal Set [2], Young Adventurer Set [3], and so on...

- 'Emo-hunts', basically this is going to a certain place (members area) and go through a series of obstacles to recieve a new emote.

- Of course an excellent sphere, a guild of friends who are prepared to help beating that one nasty enemy you just can't beat.

- Need certain items but can't get 'em? The guild will be glad to help (the where, how, what, who everything you need to know!)

- Information: stuff like how to do that, where to find this, how to build your player the best, info on dungeons, tactics...

- And everything else that a basic guild offers (gifts, matches, group-leveling...)


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