What we aim forEdit

Apparently, our guild "Ancestral" may seem small, but we want to enlargen our borders along the amakna and other places, become popular and take part in people's memories. Here, we need your help and friendship for us to be a bigger family. Thus, our guild can achieve these wishes of ours, grows strong, and stand up to all difficulties as one piece.

Recruitment, Rules & InfoEdit

Our guild, "Ancestral" is an international guild and "English" is preferred language. We expect members to be respectful to each other and not to use insulting or rude language. Spammers aren't tolerated. Ranks are given by the time you spent in guild and the xp you donated. We are mostly xp hunting or running dungeons, and we would love to help any player who is the member of our guild. If you want to join us, you must be at least 100 level and highly active.

The leader and almost all the players are from beta server, and had to have imperative breaks during their Dofus lives. So, we desire to make a fresh start with those who will be with us in this "success journey".

You want more info? Pm us:Edit

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