Amateru GuildEdit

Amateru is a guild that focuses more on personality and character than how 'OMGHAX' your character is.

Our purpose is to have a guild in which people get along, and enjoy each other's companionship.


-Paddocks! Couple of them in Brakmar, and one in Cania Plains for our dear white-winged companions.

-Two communal chests, one for craftsman and one of general use, along with Carving facilities.

-A guild house at Frigost Zaap, meaning easy access for the zaap

-Percs! Use them to help drop whatever you wish, and perhaps even have some fun Perc fights!

-A growing number of professions. Recently our leader has acquired her L100 Bowcarver/magus, and we hope to increase the number of craftsmen.

-Dungeon runs conducted at the discretion of the senior guild members.

-Engaging guild chat.


-L45+ and P2P.

It can be difficult for us to involve members below that level, or those who do not have access to subscriber-only areas.

-Decent command of the English language (text).

It's very difficult for us to understand you if you can't type properly. Kindly use the correct punctuation and grammar in their respective areas. Statements involving 'plz' are going to be ignored, and 'u' is not a word.


As long as you don't suddenly disappear without an excuse, you'll be fine. Just come on regularly enough such that we can get to know you.

To join us:

Contact any guild member and they'll refer you to our Recruiting Officers, or our SICs.

Alternatively you can PM the following people: Uchiha-Sakura, Radeonz, Parachute, Lilithian,Mikomi