Alts Inc is a Rosal guild for alternative characters. No "mains" are accepted.

This guild is meant to be a place for any kind of alternative characters: crafters, shoppers, fighters, whatever alt you can create. The more alts we gather here the easier it'll be to find a crafter, group for the drop hunt, dungeon or just someone to talk to while collecting resources.

Guild has a house in Sufokia and paddock near the Brakmar.

Guild's leader


Rules, Ranks and Distribution of Rights

General rules

  • don't ask about the mains and their levels
  • show some respect - you never know who is behind this alt
  • have fun


There are 2 available ranks: Apprentice and Craftsman. The first stands for all non-crafting alts and the last for professional alts.


There is no requirements for obtaining the rights. Right after joining the guild every member receives the following rights:

  • invite new members (help us to unite the alts of Rosal ;) )
  • place perceptor / collect from perceptor
  • manage xp donation (you can donate as much as you want, but we'll appreciate some xp donation to help us to make room for new alts)

Guild's Requirements

There is only one requirement this character must be an alt.

To join pm Nechto or any member of the guild.