Introduction Edit

Alternate Midnight Dreamers is a mixed-alignment Guild on the Rushu server. Most members are below level 15, with the Leader at level 7. Alternate Midnight Dreamers may lack the stringent regulations for joining that bigger, older guilds such as Storm Troopers, but make up for it by helping each other out, playing nice, and creating an environment that is reminiscent of a large family - enough freedom to cut away and go farm for a night, but enough people willing to help you out at the same time.

Also, any members of A.M.D. are considered extended family of Midnight Dreamers, as this guild was originally created by an alt of one of the members of M.D., to serve the alts of M.D.

History Edit

The guild was created Sunday, May 20, 2007 by Kadrina, an alternate character of the Midnight Dreamers member ProteusGodOfBoard who was kicked from Midnight Dreamers because there wasn't enough space in the guild. The guildilogem had been sitting in the bank for some time; when activated, it glistened with a blinding light, and bestowed the power to command others upon the awaiting Kadrina. Hence, she first invited all of her personalities, and gave them the powers to command all others under her rule. Others came, and joined, making the Guild appear in a dazzling light to all who came across them.


AMD does not have an official code of conduct. As of now, the one big rule to respect is the Golden Rule: Do Unto Others As You Would Have Done Unto You. That is also our foreign policy with other guilds. We have no major rivalries to date with either other guilds, nor other characters.

Requirements Edit

XP Tax Edit

ALL members, once moved out of the On Trial rank (usually takes between 2-24 hours), have the ability to set their own XP tax; however, a member who is level 20 or below will only be allowed to give a maximum of 5%. If an officer is online and notices a lower-level character with a large XP tax set, they will change it. It is requested that you PM Kadrina for any exceptions.

Perceptor Policy Edit

Currently, there are NO perceptors allowed to be placed. This is for our own protection; we simply will not be able to defend them.

Guild Chat Edit

Please note that our guild includes young players. We ask that you keep the language in the guild chat channel clean; even though the offensive word filter actually works as of 1.18.2, it can be disabled. You are welcome, however, to PM such conversations or create a group and use the group chat for whatever you want, as we cannot moderate that conversation.

Recruiting Edit

Alternate Midnight Dreamers is not currently recruiting new members, with the exception of if a character happens to be the alt of a player in Midnight Dreamers.

Relations with other Guilds Edit

See Midnight Dreamers as this guild is an extension guild.